Properties: Deposits are resistant, at room temperature to:

  • Salt Solutions, including Sea Water
  • Nitric Acid
  • Other Acids at pH above 1
  • Atmospheres highly polluted with Sulfer Dioxide or Hydrogen Sulfide
  • Neutral Solutions or Alkalis

Hardness of Deposit: 57 – 59 RC

Temperature Stability: Deposits are stable up to 320 degrees C (600 degrees F)

Solderability: Properties

  • Comparable to Silver
  • Excellent spread factor when used as an undercoat for Precious Metals
  • Excellent after storage

Magnetic Properties: Non-Magnetic. Overall magnetism depends on base materials and undercoating.

Coefficient of Friction: Low, excellent for bearing surfaces. Self lubricating, resistant to galling when run on itself.

Appearance: Simulates Stainless Steel and is available in Bright, Semi-Bright, Brushed or Matte Finish.

Stress of Deposit: Normal Compressive. (0 – 40,000 psi)

Contact Resistance: Slightly Higher than Gold. After wear, equal or better than Gold.

Nobility: Negative 0.20 volts – similar to Nickel-base alloys or Titanium.